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Date:  3/1/2008

When did I think of these?  Well, for about a month - like driving to work, in the shower, whenever.  Unfortunately my selections are limited to the things that I currently own...but I can't think of any glaring changes I'd make if I just had a few more CDs.

So here I present my top wedding songs and the top songs that always remind me of prom.

Also included below are the lists I did for Valentine's Day.

The Top Five Songs I Think Would Be Cool At My Wedding

1. Starting Over - John Lennon

I imagine this as the song used for the "who's all the happily married couples here right now?" dance.  After all, the song is about life getting in the way of romance.  I'd like to see some old folks boogie to John Lennon trying to do doo-wap.

2. When I'm Sixty-Four - The Beatles

I cannot explain enough how cute I think this song is.  I think it would be awesome dancing to a song with my new bride with a song that's about being old together.  Of course, I also find myself staring at old married couples at Panera.

3.  Our Love Is Here To Stay - Frank Sinatra

The Internet and the iPod and all the web-comics we know may just be passing fancy, and in time they go... but oh my dear, our love is here to stay. 

4.  In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Actually, I find this song works rather well as an expression of worship to God.  But I think it would be great still at a wedding.  It's about reconciliation and adoration even in the face of difficulty and frustration.

5. C'est La Vie (Teenage Wedding) - Bob Segar

Although it wouldn't be a teenage wedding, I think this song has awesome dancing potential.      

The Top Five Songs That Remind Me Of The Prom

1.  Heaven - Bryan Adams

Whenever I hear this song it brings me back to high school.  Slow dances, decorated gymnasiums, bowties, sweaty hands.  You might not remember this song - or you may be used to one of the 'techno versions' done by DJ Sammy, but listen to it for a little while and all those slow dance memories will come back to you!

2.  Everything I Do (I Do For You) - Bryan Adams

Yes, two Bryan Adams songs in a row.  Really, both were guaranteed to be played at Homecoming / Prom, and they're pretty indispensible for feeding teenage delusions of forever-ness.  Great tunes, though.

3. Angel - Aerosmith

"You're the reason I live / You're the reason I die" - the song is beautifully bombastic, and it can catch you in a moment, which will make you put it on a 'mix tape'.  It's a lover's song of repentance, which was needed aplenty in high school when everyone seemed to hurt everyone else's feelings on a week to week basis. 

4.  Secret Garden - Eric Clapton

"You had me at hello."

5.  November Rain - Guns N' Roses (Live, Oklahoma 1992)

I wish this was played at my prom!  Never was a greater song written about star-crossed lovers who emoted with guitar solos.  I imagine that had this been played at my prom there would have been some swing dancing and/or twirling during the song's big finish.

My Top Five Co-Dependent Breakup Songs

1. IRS - Guns N' Roses (Demo)

One of MANY GNR songs I could have picked. But this one is a little newer than the rest, and November Rain is so cliche even though I love the song. Here, Axl says he's going to call the IRS, FBI, and the President because he's launching an investigation. He was suspicious all along..... creepy.

2. The Scientist - Coldplay (live)

He's so committed to her that he's going to time travel to set things right! So Spielberg. This really IS a breakup song. You could probably send it to someone on a tape and they'd get the messege that "it's just not going to work out, you know that, I know that, but I am crying about it...so..."

3. Bon Jovi - Always

One of those "I'll always love you even though obviously you love someone else" songs. A celebration of futlity! But also a monument to devotion. Synth strings and pounding drums help make it sound important. It's trying really hard to be important.

4. Aerosmith - What It Takes

He's trying to figure out "how you can sleep in the night without thinking you lost everything that was good in your life to the toss of the dice" - so he's looking for some advice while also trying to put some salt on the wound.

5. Polaris - As Usual

Here's something that might be new to everyone. It's Polaris - the band that did the music for The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Did you know that "nothing sparkles like it did when I knew you?" and that "another day feels like another year?"

My Top Five Songs To Play On Valentine's Day

1. Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You

Listen to this song and TELL ME it doesn't make you walk around just a little bit taller and make your steps a little more... skippier. It's so happy it'll make you want to take the nearest person's hand and do a little dance on the sidewalk.

2. Polaris - She Is Staggering

A neat little tune by Polaris about the girl who "does her own thing" and doesn't care about how "beautiful or exceptional" she is. You know - the one that leaves you stumbling around...but others don't notice her.

3. Huey Lewis & The News - Power Of Love

Now this has always been just a fun song for me. Love is... strong. And sudden. And it hurts sometimes. But it could save your life. ...that's what I learned from Back To The Future. Plus it don't take money or fame. Thanks, Doc!

4. Sammy Kershaw - Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer

Okay - so this is an unlikely entry. But I urge you to listen to it! This song is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. It's romantic in it's simplicity and plainness.

5. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

Oh - of course this had to be here! The song begins as an ode to a woman's smile - that's pretty awesome. Because any guy that's ever been in love KNOWS this fact: it begins with the smile.




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