"Guilty Pleasures"

Date:  2/1/2008


It's hard to describe the impact Hulk Hogan has had on my life.  Which is ridiculous.

Yes, wrestling is fake.

But no faker than Grey's Anatomy or House.  They aren't really doctors, you know.

Through the marvel of DVD, I can go back and relive moments which I once considered pivotal in history.  One of these is WrestleMania III where Hulk Hogan body slammed and beat Andre The Giant, the Eighth Wonder Of The World.  Then there's Macho Man Randy Savage in WrestleMania V - was Hulk after the championship the whole time or was Randy being paranoid?  Who knows!  But I'll never forget The Mega Powers exploding.  Or perhaps I can look back on when the Gulf War really ended when Hulk Hogan took back the WWF title from the Iraqi sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter. 


Hulk Hogan was - to me - a superhero, an athlete, and a living American tall-tale. 

To an extent, my mythology when I was a child was Hulkamania.  Sometimes I still do a little "studying" of it every now and then...

Not Shaving

The great thing about not shaving is that it makes the face feel different.  It also saves about 5 minutes of morning time.  It also makes me feel more relaxed and open to "whatever will happen" that day.  The other night I had a dream that I grew a beard, wore black sunglasses, and a black cowboy hat.  I don't think that will ever happen.

If you've noticed I haven't shaved, there's a good chance that nothing you can say could bother me...except if you say "you should shave."

Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior

My brother used to play some of the Dragon Warrior games on our NES.  These were games low in graphic pizzazz but high in text, strategy, and puzzle solving.  I didn't really get into it - in fact, I hated the idea of a video game that you had to 'read'!

But gradually that changed.  Eventually I'd spend many hours doing "jobs" for my brother in our quest to finish one of the games (once again) at break-neck speed.

I don't really play video or computer games.  But I do play Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior games, among a few others.  And when I do... I play them for a few weeks and let it go for a year.  But when I play them I'm very, very serious.  I love Dragon Quest V in particular - the player starts as a young boy, then you're sold into slavery, then you escape and realize you're a prince!  And then the player gets married and is then turned to stone! And then you try and battle the ruler of the dark world!  It's a great Role Playing Game.  And I think the story made me cry once.  Maybe.  I cannot confirm or deny.

Talking To Cashiers/Food Service People

Sometimes I think people think these people are invisible.  I know I do.  And that's not right.

So I enjoy talking to them every now and then.  I remember this was something I liked to do when I was working one of those wacky retail jobs - talking with the customers.  I think it made my day go by quicker and it made their day better.  Sometimes when someone works somewhere long enough and I recognize them, I give them nicknames.

 But I don't want to know about what they call me.  It's best if it's one sided.

Guitar Solos


I really enjoy a good Bluesy guitar solo with my rock and roll.  I'll even take a metal guitar solo, too.  Or an indie rock guitar solo.  Guitar solos are a love language of mine.  Or a heart language, rather.  They can express like - every - emotion that has ever been felt.  Are you sad?  There's a solo for you.  Are you in love?  There's a solo for you.  Are you angry about someone else falling in love?  There's a solo for you. Are you ready to take a road trip?  There is  definitely  a solo out there for you, too!



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