About Me

"Gagarin" is a Russian name.  Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, a Russian cosmonaut.  I'm not Russian, nor did I know who Yuri Gagarin was when I took "Gagarin" as an online handle/screen name/nickname.  It has been in use by me since 1997 - many people have known me first as "Gagarin" since then, my real name is Chad.

I was involved with the online music ("MP3") scene when I was in my early teenage years. I once visited an Internet chatroom via IRC for several hours every day for years, talking with people all over the world about music and technology and... music technology. 

My habits have since changed, but I am always logged on AIM.  Always.  Since those Internet prospecting days - I thought the company I worked for was going to takeoff - I became a Christian, went to college, had 2.5 heartbreaks (with just two young woman, you do the division, I haven't decided who gets the extra half, who cares). 

I thought I was going to be a journalist when I went to school.   I have  since decided I should teach instead.  Or do short term professional ministry? Or - or just be a resident INTJ somewhere? I have to be creative since I graduated with an English major and Cinema Studies minor.

I was heavily involved in InterVarsity in college and that's where I'll be working next year.

If you average my life out, the person who I talk with the most is a girl named Heidi, she lives in California.  She's written me more letters than anyone.  I plan on writing a film paper about the Reagan Era Technology Movies, but I don't have the time to yet.  I'm writing a series of exchanges between two fictional characters and I think the female character is based on 3 or 4 different girls I've known.  I don't know what I'm doing with it.

My father Chuck is a sprinkler fitter, my mother Pam is a nurse.  I sometimes wished I could have met a sprinkler fitter's daughter, but I don't think sprinkler fitters ever have daughters, and I wouldn't want to meet a bad sprinkler fitter's daughter anyway.  I'm pretty sure my father is one of the best around, at least in the northern IL region.  I convinced my mother she was really conservative.  She works in public health - Salt of the Earth.  Our dog, Ozzy, is really their third child.  My brother Charlie is the first doctor in the family as a pharmacist - which is pretty incredible, we're among the first in our family to go to college and we have one doctor now.  My friend Heidi bought this domain for me.  My best friend is Jeremy.  I don't know if he knows this, but he is. 

I like movies.  I don't like the "all white meat" Chicken McNuggets.  Given the choice between love or life I'd have to say that they are the exact same thing.  No love means no life.  I think WikiPedia is what the Internet was always supposed to be. 

Thanks for stopping by you guys, thanks for breaking my cow lamp.



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